You usually hear about moms being moved or banned from their kid’s games, but you rarely hear about the girlfriend being criticized. On a recent Conan O’Brien, Gabrielle Union, the long-time girlfriend of Miami Heat guard, talked about how she’s banned from the from the row of the Miami Heat home games.

“I don’t sit courtside; that got killed when I became as vocal as I am,” Union told O’Brien.

Union also gave a few examples of her heckling skills.

She screamed at veteran official Dick Bavetta: ”You’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call.” Told an unnamed overweight player: “Your spanx are showing.” And constantly yells “brick” and “airball.”

Union grew up playing sports and rooting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers; she dated basketball player Jason Kidd in high school and was married to football player Chris Howard.

I have to say Gabrielle Union is a TRUE Jersey Girl!

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English