It’s always something about a group of good looking men in suits, and to add them standing in the White House makes the picture even better.

Seven months after being crown the NBA Champions, 25 players from the Miami Heat, Coach Erik Spoelstra and team owner Micky Arison, were honored by President Obama in the East Room earlier Monday afternoon.

We all know that the POTUS loves his basketball, especially as he recalled LeBron’s performance in Game 6 calling it “one of the best in basketball history.”

Standing with his teammates, James asked the POTUS if he could say a few words and the President promptly responded, “Hey, it’s your world, man.”

James went one to express his excitement and by shouting out where his teammates where from, symbolizing how honored they were to be standing in the White House with the President.

Before turning it back over to President Obama, James said, “Mama, I made it!”

When watching the video you’ll see Dwyane Wade in the back in a grey suit, but what you won’t see is him rockin’ the stylist sneakers that he wore, that the President jokingly pointed out.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English