Jersey Girl Sport fam, you had to know it was coming! The Miami Heat took to the new dance craze and did the ‘Harlem Shake’. It’s just damn funny!

Chris “Birdman” Anderson gets it started with his own version of the craziness and then things just get out of control! LeBron dawns a shirtless kings outfit,  Chris Bosh is in what appears to be a bathrobe, cowboy hat and sunglasses with a giant gold old-school boombox. Dwyane Wade is in a giant stuffed bear head. Mario Chalmers is dressed as the legendary video game icon Super Mario, and Ray Allen is in a Phantom of the Opera-style mask. Watch:

Nobody is surprised that the NBA would jump on this new dance craze. I think it’s hilarious.

I guess sometimes, even the boys just wanna have fun.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis