(VIDEO) Rapper Master P Speaks Truth About Jay-Z, Athletes and Being a Sports Agent on ESPN

(VIDEO) Rapper Master P Speaks Truth About Jay-Z, Athletes and Being a Sports Agent on ESPN

While many may only remember Master P as a rapper from New Orleans who started No Limit Records and at the time brought a different sound to rap music, but Master P also had his hands in the world of sports as an athlete and as an agent.  Even though P’s dreams of being an agent didn’t quite come to life, the rapper still has a lot to stay on the subject.

On Monday, Master P sat down with Skip Bayless and Steven A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take to not only talk about sports but shed some light on why Jay-Z’s choice to become a sports’ agent is right on time.

“Jay-Z is smart for what he is doing”, says Master P when asked about Jay-Z becoming a sports agent. “A lot of people are going to be made at him; he just has to be prepared for that.”

Although Master P loves the idea of Jay-Z being an agent, just doesn’t believe that the money is right for the pickin’.

“On the financial side I don’t see this as a good deal for him. I think he’s strong enough to do this on his own…he doesn’t need CAA,” explains Master P.

At one time Master P was trying to come the next NBA  star an when that dream didn’t work out Master P devoted time to becoming an sports agent. At the end of the interview Smith asked him what happen to his dream of becoming sports agent. Simply put “it was too much work, athletes these days are just like kids.”

Who knew that Master P was going to speak truth when it came to the world of sports and athletes? Let’s just hope that Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports don’t end up like the non-existent career of Master P as a sports agent.

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