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(VIDEO) Ravens, Ray Lewis Cried Laughing at Recent SNL Spoof

(VIDEO) Ravens, Ray Lewis Cried Laughing at Recent SNL Spoof

Recently every time we have seen Ravens Superstar, Ray Lewis, he has been an emotional man.

Saturday night we saw a different side of Lewis in an SNL spoof where Keenan Thompson killed it.

During a media session for Super Bowl XLVII, Lewis said “I laughed so hard.” He later continued to say, “I was in tears last night laughing about it.”

I have to admit Keenan Thompson did his thing and had the retiring Ravens player’s emotions down to a “T”.

“It’s good to be able to joke about certain things,” Lewis added. “What I do is very serious but for them to put it in a skit and for him to play it the way he did, it’s awesome.”

If you need a good laugh for the day, this would be it.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English


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