(VIDEO) Venus Williams breaks into tears over accident that claimed the life of a man; Distraction could affect her game

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam we know that when athletes are prepping for the the physical demands of a competition, their mental state is just as important. Well, we are concerned about Venus Williams. As she prepares to compete in Wimbledon, she is obviously still struggling with the accident she was in that claimed the life of a man. During a pre-game press conference, a BBC reporter, asked her about the accident and she burst into tears:

Of course, the family of the victim is suing, and Williams is not able to comment about the incident:

from si.com

A recent car crash involving tennis star Venus Williams has led to a death of a 78-year-old man and an uncertain legal aftermath.

The crash occurred at approximately 1:13 pm on June 9. It took place at the intersection of Northlake Boulevard and Ballen Isles Drive—an intersection that is next to the BallenIsles Country Club—in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The local police department and Williams’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, dispute a crucial aspect of the incident: whether Williams ran a red light.

According to the police, witnesses saw Williams drive her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV through a red light at a six-lane intersection. While in the intersection area, Williams apparently encountered heavy traffic and could only drive about 5 miles per hour. This led to her SUV not advancing while the traffic lights corresponding to the other lanes turned green. In other words, Williams’ SUV was stuck in an intersection at the worst time possible. Seconds earlier, a Hyundai Accent driven by 68-year-old Esther Linda Barson, with her 78-year-old passenger Jerome Barson as a passenger, drove through a green light in that same intersection. Linda Barson says she had no time to react when she saw Williams’ SUV dart in front of her and then slow down or stop due to traffic. Barson’s car then crashed into Williams’ SUV. Both Barsons suffered significant injuries and required hospitalization. Jerome Barson, who required several surgeries, died 14 days later at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Williams, who is 37 years old, was not hurt.

Although police note that Williams’ violated “the right of way” of Linda Barson, Williams has not been cited with a traffic offense or charged with a crime. Further, there is no evidence that alcohol, drugs or cell phone distraction played any role in the accident. Instead, it appears to be a relatively simple but tragic case of Williams getting stuck in an intersection and, as a consequence, unintentionally blocking traffic for cars in a lane that had a green light.

This entire situation is tragic. Venus clearly wasn't being reckless and she wasn't impaired. This is simply a tragic accident. However, its consequences are real and she'll no double face civil lawsuits which she'll likely settle.

I'm sure this will affect her tennis game. I can't image the kind of stress she's under carrying the weight of this accident that claimed a life.

I feel sorry for the victims in the accident and for Venus. No one really wins. There is only pain and hurt, and I hope all heal.

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