In his latest move to get a job, former famed NFL quarterback Vince Young took to twitter to make his request known. Young tweeted wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald in what looks to be a desperate attempt to gain employment.

Young was clearly watching the Cardinals get obliterated by the Seahawks in an embarrassing 58-0 slaughter. NFL fans watched in horror looking at the weakness in the Cardinals’¬†offense, defense–and all areas in between, but where we saw disappointment, Young saw opportunity.

Young, who earlier this year disclosed that he’s spent nearly all of his $34 million salary in the NFL is virtually broke and in desperate need of a job. He tried a stint with the Bills, but was released in August.

After an embarrasing loss like the one on Sunday, the Cardinals might actually need to take a strong look at Young. Afterall, they can’t do much worse.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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