Looking for the ultimate NFL Christmas gift that I’m sure will put you in position where you never have to by another gift as long as you live?

Here’s a crazy thought…make your husband or boyfriend an NFL owner. That’s right an Owner!

The Green Bay Packers, who are the NFL’s only publicly owned team, are gearing up for another stock sale to raise the $130 million needed for some much needed renovations at Lambeau Field. Sources are saying that each share would cost around $200 and include voting rights, though the value wouldn’t appreciate and there would be no dividends.

As a stockholder you would be able to attend annual meetings at Lambeau, and enjoy perks as tours of the playing field and locker rooms. Sadly enough you wouldn’t have access to the BIG owner’s suite, you’ll have to settle for purchasing your own and putting your name on the outside of it. Maybe calling it ‘Owner’s Suite II’.

The stock sale would be the fifth in Packers’ history. There are currently 112,205 shareholders who own a total of 4.75 million shares.

If the team gets final approval, the stock sale could begin within weeks. Christmas shoppers take note, though: Shares of stock can’t be resold, and transfer of shares is generally limited to immediate relatives and heirs.

So ladies, get your $200 ready, this could truly be the gift that keeps on giving!

Your J.G. F.,

Marcelle English