Warriors win over Spurs has fans already expecting a Warriors – Cavs final

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sport fam the Golden State Warriors are reminding fans and foes why they are called warriors--and getting fans talking about a Cavs-Warriors rematch. The Warriors' thrilling comeback from a 25-point deficit in game one was shocking and amazing. The win in game 2 was like a nail in the coffin. With Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard out due to injury, the Spurs are two-men-out-too-many and the Warriors are taking full advantage. It's going to be an uphill battle for the Spurs, even at home.  Let's be honest, while we're hoping for great games in the Eastern Conference finals, a Warriors-Cavs rematch it a must-see event. It will be an all-out war and fans and sports analysts won't be able to get enough. For LeBron James, it shuts up his haters and confirms his majesty over the game. For the Warriors, it solidifies their dominance in the league. For the NBA it assures record-breaking ratings. What match-up do you want to see?

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