We’re going to file this story under “a damn shame”. We can now add Fred Davis to the list of foolishness, that is– NFL players with too much time, money and not enough extra curricular activities in the off season.

I think Fred Davis has decided to be a rapper when he’s not playing football, so he’s released a video with other unknown rappers for his song, “All I Talk Is Money”. The video contains the usual language and true-to-form-textbook-non-talented-rapper sightings: luxury vehicles, men with their pants sagging looking like clowns, jewelry, liquor, money and a nightclub.

Yeah. They got real creative on this one. Not!

(note: this video also contains language some may consider offensive–but most will just think is stupid)

 Now I’m not that connected to gang life or caught up on the latest in gang 101, but last I checked Crips wore blue. So why is he claiming Crips with red pants on?

I remember when rap came to the music scene. It was a time when rappers actually had something to say and actually had talent. But I digress.

I need Fred Davis to find something else constructive to do with his time like be a part of a non-profit that works to combat the on-going struggles of those caught up the life he glamorized in his trashy song. 

I’m done.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis