WATCH: VIDEO Shows former Tampa Bay Bucs player running through glass door; Wife says he suffers from CTE

by Angela Davis|@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam CTE is real. A recent study by Neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee on 111 brains of former NFL players showed that all but one was diagnosed with CTE. For former Buccs player Brian Price, CTE is real, and, according to his wife, it's the reason he ran into a glass door. In April, Price ran full-speed into and through a glass door at an Ypsilanti auto parts store after becoming agitated. According to reports, police were called to the scene because Price had been disruptive and agitated inside the store, turning over displays. After he spoke to police in the parking lot, he ran into the glass door. Police thought he was on drugs. His wife says it's something worse: CTE. As more and more studies reveal the depth of how CTE affects the brain and the athletes who suffer from it, we'll continue to see more and more of this type of scary behavior. The problem is that CTE can't be diagnosed until after death.  Price said he is suffering.
Mentally, some days I struggle a lot," Price told WDIV. "But as a man and as a friend and a father you don't want people to see it. But at the same time I know I'm not the only one going through this."
I hope that CTE can be diagnosed while players are living, so they can make better decisions early in their careers. As more and more players are linked to this disease, it will certainly influence the path of younger athletes who are considering football as a career. Would you allow your child or encourage them to play in the NFL?

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