We Wear Short Shorts! Your Summer Guide For Wearing Shorts

Well Jersey Girls, it's only getting hotter so you know what that means…..break out your shorts! Now we all know shorts come in different lengths and styles, but if worn right, it can be chic, fresh, and trendy. If worn wrong it's, well, trampy. Let make those shorts classy! One way to wear shorts is with a blazer. The blazer adds a level of class to the shorts, no matter how short they are.                       Another way to wear shorts is with a vest. Now the addition of a vest brings kind of a rocker / nerdy look.

Finally a sweater makes a pair of shorts look classy and preppy.

                      Now ladies, you can wear your shorts however with heels, wedge or flip flops but when you add one of the three elements like the blazer, vest or sweater you change the dynamics of your entire outfit. You know me, anything to stand out in a crowd. Your Jersey Girl! JeniqueK

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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