Wes Welker called Broncos, says “I want to win”

When the story broke about Wes Welker heading west to the Denver Broncos, it seemed to be a shock. The free agent slot receiver was expected to stay with the New England Patriots, but contract negotiations broke down and Welker picked up the phone.
"I want to win. That above everything," Welker said Thursday as he was introduced in Denver. "We'd figure out the money part and all that stuff later, but that winning was a big thing for me."
Welker admitted that he called the Broncos, talking to John Elway and head coach John Fox, in particular, making a strong pitch to be with the reorganized team. It seemed to work.
"We're thrilled that Wes wanted to come to Denver," Elway said. "There were just so many things that mixed just right for us."  
Welker signed a 2-year, $12 million contract with the Broncos and it seemed everyone is happy, including head coach John Fox:
"This game is about matchups, and he's a tough cover for one person," Fox said. "He's a tough matchup, and that makes everyone else better."
Welker says that he's had no contact with his former coach Bill Belichick since talks broke down, but he had been in communication with his new quarterback Peyton Manning, who he said was also a huge part of his decision to go with the Broncos. Though he's said to leave his former QB and friend, Tom Brady
"That was definitely the hardest part, leaving Tom," Welker said. "He's a great competitor, great player, great friend across the board. I wish the best for him."
The Broncos do play the Patriots next season and it will be a game worth watching.  What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis    

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