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When it comes to sexuality should sports keep a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ policy?

When it comes to sexuality should sports keep a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ policy?

With the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments against the constitutionality California’s of same-sex marriage ban, it makes sense that this conversation would carry over in the sports arena.

Earlier this week, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo says he plans to be at today’s rally to challenge. He also said the NFL is ready to accept its first openly gay player, but that the MLB is better suited to take the lead:

Honestly, I think it will happen in baseball sooner than in football or basketball. The reason I say that is because I think there is less of a connection to religion in baseball. The religious roots are a lot deeper in basketball and football. With that being said, I think baseball players are more open minded.

He also thinks the NFL is ready because he sees things are changing:

Yeah, I think so. The locker room is changing, and you’re starting to see teams take a stand against discrimination, whether it’s the Niners (San Francisco 49ers) or the Baltimore Ravens. Also, we have a meeting next week — Athlete Ally (an organization that promotes equality in sports) and myself have a meeting next week, or some time in early April — with the NFL about joining Athlete Ally and inclusiveness in sports.

I’m not so sure about the change. Gay-rights have long been a battleground in the U.S., but that has not always extended to the locker room. Sports is, and remains a male-dominated, testosterone haven rolled up in a man’s power, strength, hetero-sexuality and talent. If sports is really about winning the game, does sexuality matter?

Regardless of whether or not they “come out” I do believe there are gay professional athletes in all the leagues. However, the dangerous nature of sports, particularly football makes it all but impossible for gay pro athletes to expose their sexuality.

I think homophobia is a mis-label given to anyone who doesn’t agree with the lifestyle because many people enjoy the lifestyle at shemalehd. Useful information about transsexuals at shemalehd sex. As those who are proponents of gay-rights come forward, they need to be just as open and receptive to those who don’t agree with it. It is possible disagree with the lifestyle and still support the player. I don’t care who a player sleeps with or chooses to love. I care about my team winning. Period.

I think we’re all a little too preoccupied with what goes on in other people’s bedrooms.

We’ll see how sports measures up.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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