Where will Adrian Peterson go? Rumors say Oakland, Seattle or New England

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam with the 2017 NFL season officially starting on March 9th, and free agency deals expected to kick off, all eyes are on star players who are looking to make moves. Adrian Peterson is one of those players. Word on the street is that Peterson is looking at the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and his alleged top pick, the New England Patriots. The question is what team will be the best fit? Now that is the real question. All teams offer him a chance to shine, a chance at the playoffs and another chance at a ring. The best fit coupled with the best offer will likely get the win. Analysts are talking about the different styles of offensive play with the Seahawks and Raiders, but I don't think that will matter. Peterson is flexible--but he's also old. 31 is ancient in football years, and an agreement will have to be a good fit for both. Who knows where he'll end up, but the way things are shaking up, free agency is going to be a wild ride. What do you think?

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