Why We’re Not Surprised Evelyn Lozada Postponed Wedding To Ochocinco

When the story leaked about Evelyn Lozada postponing her wedding to “Ochocinco” because of his suspected cheating was anyone really surprised?

I know I wasn’t.

The way that they met coupled with their staged antics on the Basketball Wives- Miami led all of us to give them the ‘side-eye’ when it was announced they were engaged.

In fact, most of us are surprised they’re still together.

The two are scheduled to start taping a reality show on VH-1 about their life together and the upcoming wedding, but it seems that too, may be on hold.

Recent tweets from the two suggests there was trouble in “paradise”:

Evelyn Lozada:

“When You’re in A Relationship “You” Becomes “Us” I becomes “We” and They Become “HATERS”

“Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.” (I’m living by this)

SICK & TIRED!!!!!!!

Ochocinco’s tweets

#random What does it mean when the person closest to you bestfriend/girlfriend/boyfriend don’t get you anything for a holiday or birthday?

If this isn’t a tell-tale sign of “issues”–what’s even more apparent is that neither of them seem mature enough for any adult relationship.

Ochocinco LOVES the media and media attention and it seems Evelyn is really “trying” to have a normal life–maybe. The two don’t seem to mix. Both have very strong personalities, and I’m not sure how long Evelyn will “play” the background to Ochocinco’s personality. I’m equally unsure how long Eveyln’s “worship” of Ochocino will keep him interested before he starts to get bored and seeks a new challenge.

Relationships are hard to manage in the best circumstance, let alone when your celebrity status robs you of some of your  privacy, therefore, social media is not the place nor space to air your grievances, especially about someone you’re in a relationship with. Most times, those feeling are only for the moment, and if you end up staying with that person you vented about, you end up looking quite foolish.

Further, most of us don’t care to know every intimate thought and feeling you have. Some things should be sacred. Some things should be kept to yourself.

Especially your relationship.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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