At last night’s Chicago Bulls/New Orleans Hornets game, the crowd got a special announcer, the funny Will Ferrell. Now I have to say after seeing some of Will’s movies (my favorite being Elf) I knew this was going to be good.

First Will introduced the visiting Bulls, giving us all small bits of information that we may not have known about each player. Probably the most surprising was that last week’s Jersey Girl Sports ‘Hottie of the Week’ Carlos Boozer “still lives with his momma” or my personal favorite, Derrick Rose’s favorite is The Notebook. Who knew!

After getting off the floor from laughing, it was time to watch Ferrell intro the home team Hornets, where he said that Jarrett Jack wants to be a rodeo clown after his playing days are over. Hopefully he can stay out of jail long enough to make that happen…LOL!

Unfortunately not even Will Ferrell could help the Hornets win. They lost to the Bulls 67-90 and have only won four games total, including two wins at home.

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English