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Will Kobe Bryant’s Ex-Wife Vanessa Join The Cast Of Basketball Wives LA?

With the high-profile divorce of Kobe Bryant we knew the vultures would be circling and the first one has landed.VH-1 has presented (or will be soon presenting) Vanessa Bryant a lucrative offer to join the cast of Basketball Wives: LA. Obviously if she joins the cast she would be the instant star and her storyline and background would be the catalyst for much needed ratings. According to TMZ:

As one source put it, “Vanessa has more than enough storyline and would bring the show to another level.”

As for the timing — we’re told producers never dreamed of approaching Vanessa while she was married to Kobe … and our sources say Vanessa would NOT have been receptive.

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Everybody has had something to say about this divorce and it seems Vanessa, who’s always stayed in the shadows of her superstar ex-husband Kobe, could finally get her say.

But will she do it?

Kobe may not have made her sign a pre-nup, but there’s no doubt in my mind that a non-disclosure was presented as a part of the divorce settlement. Coupled with the fact that there are two children at the heart of this matter, I would be surprised if Vanessa took the offer. If she wants to come into the spotlight, she has enough access and money to do it in a classy way.

Besides, she has enough on her hands with the divorce, two children to raise and now a divorce full of public scrutiny. She doesn’t need to add a bunch of gossipy, self-centered, drama queens to her roster.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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