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*Winning the NBA Playoffs (Injuries Noted)

There has been question whether or not the winner of the Finals series should be starred with an asterisks due to the amount of injuries around the entire league during the Playoffs. Although this may be a stretch, noting the key injuries is necessary because of the large impact they can have on each teams competition level with each series. A handful of teams have found testing the depth of their bench while many all-stars find themselves filling the seats.

The most recent and disheartening injury came Saturday when Derrick Rose, of the Chicago Bulls, suffered a non-contact ACL tear with less than 2-minutes left in the game vs. Miami Heat.

Other key players also on this Inactive List due to injury include:

Dwight Howard, C, Orlando Magic

Jeremy Lin, G, New York Knicks

Iman Shumpert, G, New York Knicks

Baron Davis, G, New York Knicks

C.J Miles, G, Utah Jazz

Earl Watson, G, Utah Jazz

Ray Allen, G, Boston Celtics

Al Horford, C, Atlanta Hawks

Wilson Chandler, F, Denver Nuggets

Caron Butler, F, LA Clippers

Chauncy Billups, G, LA Clippers

With the compressed schedule, teams may have allotted less recovery time after an acute injury causing more strain later in the season. I don’t think the shortened, jam-packed season due to the lockout is the end-all reason for the excess amount of injuries. This is only a fraction of why teams could be dealing with an increase of all-stars on the bench.

But be on the look-out to see how teams pull through in clutch times during these Playoffs. The 6th Man will have to step up now more than ever which could make an even more exciting post-season.

Take Care Jersey Girls,

B. Long (@Ms4thandLong)

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