With Secret white lines should only be on the football field (VIDEO)

Football is good for your social life. It really is. Whether you go out on a date, have made that all-important step of meeting the parents of your significant other or whether you're out dancing from your team's touchdown or out on the dance floor, Proctor & Gamble's Secret keeps the white lines on the football field. When they're not, it can be a disaster! Watch:                 So ladies, let's make sure white lines stay on the field. Use Secret deodorant for 48-hours of protection. We work hard, play harder and live our lives as only Jersey Girls do: on OUR terms!
It really is the best-kept 'Secret'. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

Jersey Girl Sports is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the millions of women who like to watch sports. We present sports from the female perspective--the way we see it, how we talk about it and what we have to say about it. It's sports on OUR terms. We can enjoy sports as much as any man, just with better shoes.

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