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Woman offers to trade wedding ring for Broncos – Chiefs tickets

Woman offers to trade wedding ring for Broncos – Chiefs tickets

How important is football to you? What are you willing to sacrifice to attend a game? Would you sacrifice your wedding ring? Well, a Kansas City woman would. In fact, she is willing trade her wedding ring for tickets to Sunday’s Chiefs – Broncos game! We had to post this story we first saw on Huffington Post Sports

“I have a diamond ring/wedding band set (appraised at $3,100) that I want to trade for KC Chiefs tickets,” the unnamed woman posted on Craigslist. “Looking for tickets to the 12/1 Broncos game. Email me with offers.”

The woman said the tickets would be a birfthday gift for her husband..

“He just mentioned that the game against the Broncos was going to be the best game of the year,” she said to the KC Star adding that the couple couldn’t afford tickets in the “lower” and “club level” so this was the only option.

The ring is appraised at $3,100.

Would you trade?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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