SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) ~ A Massachusetts woman has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the New England Patriots and the NFL when her 40 year-old husband suffered a fatal heart attack after a confrontation with a security guard.

Kimberly Chartier says their son Tedy, who is named after Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, was invited onto the field by two NFL officials before the start of the game in 2010. She then claims her husband was questioned by security guards when the confrontation ensued lasting around 15 minutes resulting in a heart attack. She has also named the security guard, the security company and stadium operators as defendants.

Now I don’t have all the facts or details of the confrontation, but I think this woman is going to have a hard time proving that his hear attack was solely caused by this incident. Though it’s possible, heart attacks don’t usually occur because of high-stressed situations unless there’s some pre-existing condition. 

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis