Work it out at work! 10 tips to help you stay fit at the office

Jersey Girls, staying healthy and fit is a lifestyle change that is both challenging and rewarding, but with all the hats we wear- mother, business/career woman, wife, friend, etc. it can be hard to find time to maintain that healthy lifestyle. Most of us will spend at least 40 hours each week working and in the course of any given day, it can be absolutely difficult to find the time to get in exercise and eat a healthy meal. That being said, there are some things you can do to make your time at work, work for you! Here are some healthy tips: 1. Bring your lunch -- you won't have to worry about fast-food and other temptations if you bring your healthy lunch from home. Not only can you control what you eat, you can control how much of it you have. 2. Go to the gym-- If you bring your lunch, not only can you eat healthy, but you'll have time to work out. A nice 30-minutes in the gym can work wonders! Go for a walk, meet up with other co-workers and get moving! You'll return de-stressed and refreshed for the rest of the work day. 3. Take the stairs -- We really mean this. It's been recommended by many health experts, but all this walking really does add up. Every calorie burned is important and with each step you're walking into a better you. 4.  Eat a healthy breakfast- Something as simple as eating a hard boiled egg (which you can cook the night before), yogurt and a piece of wheat toast is a great way to kick-start your metabolism and keep you from overeating later. 5.  Have a snack-- Yeah, that's right, I said it! Snack! It's a great way to keep your metabolism moving and shaking and you'll feel better. Nuts, almonds, and raw fruit and veggies make for great snacks. Just keep the portions small. It is after all, just a snack. 6. Take a stand-- If you're sitting much of the day, every 30 minutes or so you should just stand up. It will keep your circulation flowing and maybe wake you up. 7.  Take a mental health break-- Step away from your computer and/or cell phone. Inhale. Exhale. Think of something good. Now repeat that for up to five minutes and you'll start to feel better. De-stress. YOU are  most important at work. A small "mental health" break can help you relax and refocus. 8.  Do some exercises in your office - If you are able to do it, small workouts can be done right in your office. Chair dips, squats, lunges, calf raises, and a host of arm exercises can be done right in your office. Keep small weights in your office and on the days you can't get to the gym, you can do some circuit training. 9. Participate in a health challenge - If there are other co-workers who also want to lose weight, create a fitness challenge with a favorable reward that will motivate you to stay committed to this journey. 10.  Water, water, water - It's SUPER important to stay hydrated! Drinking water will keep you energized and keep your metabolism and other bodily functions processing normally. Plus it will keep your skin and hair beautiful. The demands of work no doubt make it challenging to stay fit and eat healthy--but you can do it. These small tips may not seem effective, but combined they pack a powerful punch against fat and weight gain, so get moving! You have all of your 80's to be fat. By then, no one will care. (smile) Your JGF, ~Angela Davis

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