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X-rated pics of Terrell Owens will not be released

T.O. can breathe a sigh of relief now. It seems the woman who was vetting x-rated pics of him allegedly pleasuring himself had decided not to sell them.

According to TMZ, she’s had a “change of heart” and will NOT sell the pics to anyone, for any price.  She also claims to have destroyed her copies … telling TMZ, “They have been deleted and no longer exist.”

The seller also admits she was NOT the person on the other side of the X-rated Skype convo with T.O. … and claims she found the pics on a computer she bought from her friend.

“I don’t personally know him and have never spoken to him. I don’t want this to continue and it shouldn’t of happened to begin with.”

Uhhh yeah! So while we’ll never know if the pics were actually the real pics of  T.O.s –uuh, err–‘man-piece’ – I am happy to know this story can be put to rest.

T.O. should concentrate on moving forward with his life, for the better.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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